Mark Poppen

Guest Mark Poppen

Web designer, business owner, dad and husband (the order depends on the day)

Season 02 Episode 10 – Oct 22, 2019  
59:47  Show Notes

Ecommerce with Shopify


In this episode we talk with Mark Poppen, owner of Funky Moose Records, about running a ecommerce website with physical product using shopify.

Show Notes

  • Mark provides some history and background into his decision to run a used record business
  • Talks about his decision not to use Opencart.
  • Wordpress and WooCommerce - not as simple as Shopify
  • It's better to use Shopify payments as there is no extra charge, but if you use a different payment gateway such as paypal you pay the paypal feel plus an addtional 1% fee.
  • Shopify Themes
  • Steps involved in setting up shopify for a new business.
  • People underestimate what's involved in ecommerce
  • How to manage your inventory
  • Overselling and shipping guarantees
  • Shipping costs, weight etc.
  • Returns
  • What is a payment gateway and a merchant account

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