Owen Craig

Guest Owen Craig

Owen graduated from Juno College of Technology in 2016 and worked as a Front-End developer at ICF Next for four years before returning to Juno to work as an instructor. In addition to teaching coding, Owen is also a big believer in working on soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and empathy.

Season 04 Episode 11 – Jun 08, 2021  
46:04  Show Notes

From Novice to Bootcamp Instructor


Learn all about Owen Craig's journey from novice developer to bootcamp instructor. Why he transitioned from social media manager to development, why Owen chose a bootcamp and how he later became an instructor at that same bootcamp.

Show Notes

  • What is a bootcamp
  • Why a bootcamp vs other paths
  • Favorite part of web development
  • Least liked part of web development
  • How Owen became an instructor at Juno college
  • How to keep up with changing technology
  • Advice for a new developer
  • How to evaluate what to learn
  • No code developers
  • Most important skill a developer should have

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