Oliver Schöndorfer

Guest Oliver Schöndorfer

UI designer empowering developers & designers to improve their websites, and products with pimped typography.


Season 04 Episode 12 – Jul 06, 2021  
1:14:56  Show Notes

Pimp Your Typography


Time to pimp your website typography with Oliver Schöndorfer. Learn the fundementals of typography and why it matters to your website and message.

Show Notes

We start off by defining what Typography is. Then the various types of fonts including serif and sans-serif fonts and when to choose which to choose.

  • I (uppercase I), l (lowercase l), 1, a, g test
  • The difference between legibility and readability
  • Comic Sans and Helvetica fonts
  • Avatar and Papyrus
  • Heading, body fonts, and fonts that can be used everywhere
  • Oliver Judges Sean's website headings
  • Tips on how to choose fonts for a website
  • Web font marketplaces
  • 5 common web typography mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Leading and line height
  • line length
  • Oliver gives a review of the Website 101 Podcast website typography.

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