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Season 01 Episode 3 – Jan 11, 2019  
42:23  Show Notes

Web Design Shortcuts You Should Never Take


In this episode myself and Mike Mella discuss several webdesign shortcuts you should never take and the reasons why many businesses continue to make these mistakes.

Show Notes

We talk about some things that businesses often do to save money by cutting various parts of their websites. Avoid shortcuts if you can, but sometimes its unavoidable.

Usability testing should be conducted to help you make your website the best it can be. It's not as expensive as you think it might be. Testing should be done with people in your target audience but not from your organization. They should be unfamiliar with your website to get the best results.

Do not use a predefined theme for WP or a website builder if possible. You content should determine the design not the design determine the content. When using a theme, the design shapes the content and copy which results in sub par messaging and a website that is not memorable or unique.

Common issues include avoiding pop-ups, don't use the phrase click here, and pdfs. There is no fold. Don't worry about above the fold.

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