Luke Stevens

Guest Luke Stevens

Web designer/developer/analyst who loves building sites and measuring how they perform.

Season 01 Episode 5 – Jan 29, 2019  
1:0:41  Show Notes

SEO 101


A discussion with Luke Stevens talking about the basics of SEO including advice on how to improve your SEO as well as what to avoid and how to choose an SEO specialist.

Show Notes

In this interview with Luke Stevens we discussed SEO. We began with a definition of what SEO is and then some general ideas on building your content and expertise to improve your results.

We also talked about E.A.T which is Expertise, Authority, and Trust.. Luke also talked about technical SEO, how to improve your search results appearance with more details and appropriate meta data.

Other talking points include:

  • Improving CTR (Click Through Rate) is easier than improving your ranking.
  • Structured Data
  • A/B Testing
  • SEO Myths
  • Content Marketing
  • How to choose a good SEO Agency

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