Lyndon Johnson

Guest Lyndon Johnson

Lyndon founded Toronto-based COMMS.BAR (, a company that provides early-stage companies with affordable, transparent, and measurable pr & marketing advice.

Season 01 Episode 7 – Feb 26, 2019  
54:01  Show Notes

PR & Marketing


What is PR and Marketing - a look at the traditional approach and then a discussion of how Lyndon is turning that approach upside down.

Show Notes

There were a couple of technical issues from 30:00 to 31:50 resulting in some overlapping voices. Once past this section everything is back to normal.

  • Public relations is the process of building strong mutually beneficial relationships between a stakeholder and an organization.
  • Marketing is getting people to do things that have a commercial value.
  • We talk about how a small business can get PR and Marketing without the deep pockets of a large conglomerate. And how your company website can be utilized in this area.
  • Relationship strength and mode of communication is very important.

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