Guarav S. Iyer

Guest Guarav S. Iyer

Gaurav S. Iyer is a Senior Consultant at The Capital Communications Company, a boutique agency which develops and implements strategic and creative solutions for some of North America's leading corporations.

Season 02 Episode 8 – Sep 24, 2019  
35:57  Show Notes

Copy Editing and Copy Writing


In this episode we talk with Guarav Iyer all about copy editing and writing. Guarav has extensive experience with professional writing including a background in journalism, including writing for the Motley Fool.

Show Notes

Guarav discusses the difference between a copy editor and a copy writer. We also get into the Oxford Comma.

Next we address why you woul.d want to hire a copy writer instead of writing your content yourself and the curse of knowledge.

Guarav also provides advice to DIY website owners on how to improve their copy.

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