Isaac Rudansky

Guest Isaac Rudansky

Isaac Rudansky is widely considered to be an industry-leading expert on pay per click advertising, online traffic acquisition and conversion rate optimization.

Season 01 Episode 8 – Mar 12, 2019  
45:26  Show Notes

What is a Landing Page


In this episode I talk with Isaac Rudansky about what a landing page is and how to get the most out of landing pages for your business.

Show Notes

Isaac defines what a landing page is and when you would create a landing page for a specific campaign or market. We also talk about what makes a successful landing page, successful.

  • What is a conversion and the different typs of conversions that you may want to track.
  • A/B testing
  • Landing pages are best built in a landing page builder optimizer, not your website CMS
  • Call to action, goal of the page

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