Jessica Perreault

Guest Jessica Perreault

Jessica is a marketing strategist focusing on content marketing, social media, and branding for mission-driven organizations.

Season 06 Episode 13 – Jun 08, 2023  
40:09  Show Notes

Stand Out on Social Media with Jessica Perreault


The ins and outs of mastering social media for small business owners with Jessica Perrault plus a predication about AI generated content for social.

Show Notes

  • How Jessica got into social media
  • Tips to get started for small business owners
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Understand the nuances of the different social networks
  • Which social network is the most important?
  • How to manage the time requirements
  • How to measure success - analytics
  • Vanity Metrics
  • Own your digital footprint
  • Email list is critical
  • Difficult to trust a company that is only on social - no website
  • Red flags about social media
  • Misconceptions about social
  • Software to manage social & mailing lists
  • AI In social and marketing
  • Amanda makes a prediction about AI content
  • Replying on social - flame wars

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