Season 01 Episode 05 1:0:41 Show Notes

SEO 101

A discussion with Luke Stevens talking about the basics of SEO including advice on how to improve your SEO as well as what to avoid and how to choose an SEO specialist.

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Season 01 Episode 04 44:12 Show Notes

Websites Benefit from Continual Development

In this episode Andrew and I talk about why websites need to be continually developed and maintained contrary to expectations of one and done.

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Season 01 Episode 03 42:23 Show Notes

Web Design Shortcuts You Should Never Take

In this episode myself and Mike Mella discuss several webdesign shortcuts you should never take and the reasons why many businesses continue to make these mistakes.

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Season 01 Episode 02 47:24 Show Notes

Planning, Structure, Goals

In this episode we discuss project management and the various strategies and tools that will help you to with building a successful website.

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Season 01 Episode 01 7:54 Show Notes

Introduction to Website 101 Podcast

In this episode I talk about the guests, topics and format of the show.

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