Season 05 Episode 02 Coming Jan 25, 2022

Meet Your Host - Mike Mella

Sean interviews Mike about his journey to becoming a web developer

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Season 05 Episode 03 Coming Feb 08, 2022

Wes Bos - Your Web Boss

We talk to Wes Bos all about web development, soft skills, and everything needed to succeed in web development.

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Season 05 Episode 04 Coming Feb 22, 2022

Tailwind CSS with Adam Wathan

Adam Wathan, co-founder of Tailwind CSS, talks about what Tailwind CSS is, why he built it, and the future of Tailwind.

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Season 05 Episode 05 Coming Mar 08, 2022

Starting my own Website with Bill Campbell

We talk with Bill Campbell about the process of planning his website and then working with a web developer and hosting.

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Season 05 Episode 06 Coming Mar 22, 2022

CSS is Awesome with Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell CSS evangelist discusses everything to do with CSS and why it is awesome.

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Season 05 Episode 07 Coming Apr 05, 2022

Meet Your Host - Amanda

Sean and Mike interview our new co-host Amanda Lutz

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