Season 02 Episode 04 42:35 Show Notes

How Much Does a Website Cost

In this episode Sean Smith and Mike Mella discuss how much a website costs and why the real answer is "It Depends"

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Season 02 Episode 03 38:35 Show Notes

How to Choose a Web Developer or Agency

In this episode I talk with Angie Herrara of Block 81 about how to choose a web developer or agency. This could be due to your relationship with your current developer isn't working out or because your business website needs have grown beyond what you can do by yourself.

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Season 02 Episode 02 51:13 Show Notes

Web Hosting 101

Nevin Lyne and Sean discuss the ins and outs of webhosting, including shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, and recommendations of offsite backups.

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Season 02 Episode 01 08:58 Show Notes

Season 2 Introduction

An introduction to the topics in Season 2 and a new co-host starting in episode 4.

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