Ryan Irelan

Guest Ryan Irelan

Ryan is the creator of CraftQuest, an online learning platform for Craft CMS and modern web development. He is also a partner at Pine Works, a design and development agency with good ethics and strong opinions. He's taught engineers at NASA, internal teams at the University of Chicago, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and UMass Boston.


Season 07 Episode 8 – May 14, 2024  
50:31  Show Notes

Online Learning and Keeping up with Technology with Ryan Irelan


In this episode we talk with Online educator Ryan Irelan about online learning and keeping up with technology in web development.

Show Notes

  • Ryans path to online teacher
  • First course was with Pragmatic Programmers
  • The switch from a la cart to subscription modal
  • Udemy and course platforms
  • Communication with Pixel and Tonic about upcoming features and changes
  • Advantages/disadvantages of discord servers
  • Chat GPT
  • CraftQuest is launching a discord server!
  • How Ryan learns new technologies
  • Ryan's approach to teaching explained
  • Ryan has strong opinions about Craft CMS
  • What makes a good topic for a course, a lesson, or a livestream
  • What Ryan does use for screen recording and editing

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