Ben Croker

Guest Ben Croker

Craft CMS plugin developer, trainer and consultant, lover of adventures and the great outdoors.

Season 07 Episode 7 – Apr 30, 2024  
40:46  Show Notes

How to submit a support request with Ben Croker


In this episode we talk to returning guest Ben Croker about how to write a good support request.

Show Notes

  • Turn it off and on
  • Our experiences providing technical support
  • How to troubleshoot before submitting a support request
  • Rubber ducking
  • Use the correct support channel: not DMs on social media
  • When providing support a public, discoverable approach, such as github issues, is recommended
  • RTFM - read the docs
  • What to include in a support request
  • What to exclude in a support request
  • Sean's mistake asking Ben for support a few months ago
  • Security issues
  • Closing the issue

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