Season 04 Episode 01 – Oct 06, 2020  
21:48 Show Notes

Click Here

In this episode we talk about why using Click Here for link text is bad practice. We then briefly go over the remaining episode topics that are planned for season four.

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Season 04 Episode 02 – Jan 05, 2021  
36:37 Show Notes

How to Talk to Your Web Developer

In this episode Sean and Mike talk with Amanda Lutz about how to talk with your web developer.

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Season 04 Episode 03 – Jan 19, 2021  
56:28 Show Notes

Red Flags

In this episode Sean and Mike discuss red flags to be aware of when looking for a web developer. Conversely we also talk about things that clients do that are red flags for web developers.

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Season 04 Episode 04 – Feb 02, 2021  
46:35 Show Notes

Content Strategy

Today Marlene Oliveira of moflow discusses the value of conducting a website content strategy, and why you should do it before anything else.

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Season 04 Episode 05 – Feb 16, 2021  
39:21 Show Notes


We discuss accessibility, with Matsuko Friedland, in websites, why it's important both for users and website owners, as well as some tips on how to ensure your website is accessible.

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Season 04 Episode 06 – Mar 02, 2021  
35:10 Show Notes

How to improve your website without doing a full redesign

In this episode Mike and Sean discuss various things you can do to improve your existing website without doing a complete redesign and rebuild.

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Season 04 Episode 07 – Mar 16, 2021  
38:39 Show Notes

Content Marketing

In this episode Mike and Sean talk with returning guest Gaurav about content marketing; what it is, why it's important, and how to do it.

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Season 04 Episode 08 – Mar 30, 2021  
32:53 Show Notes

Alternatives to Google Analytics

Returning guest Angie Herrara discusses alternatives to google analytics for tracking website visitors. We discuss Fathom Analytics and Stat Counter.

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Season 04 Bonus Episode – Apr 06, 2021  
4:42 Show Notes

Listener Survey - What Topics do you Want to Hear More of?

We have a short survey for listeners that we will use to plan season 5. This will help us to choose episodes that our listeners want to hear more about.

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Season 04 Episode 09 – Apr 13, 2021  
1:03:57 Show Notes

Website Optimization and Speed

Website optimization expert Andrew Welch discusses optimizing your website performance and speed.

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Season 04 Episode 10 – May 25, 2021  
54:10 Show Notes


We talk to Laura Bailey of Revy Web Design all about Wordpress, her journey from IT technical support in the UK to running a Wordpress agency with employees in a small town in British Columbia Canada.

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Season 04 Episode 11 – Jun 08, 2021  
46:04 Show Notes

From Novice to Bootcamp Instructor

Learn all about Owen Craig's journey from novice developer to bootcamp instructor. Why he transitioned from social media manager to development, why Owen chose a bootcamp and how he later became an instructor at that same bootcamp.

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