Andrew Welch

Guest Andrew Welch

After a stint running a software company for a couple of decades, Andrew is now immersing himself in doing consulting to help businesses use technology effectively.

Season 04 Episode 9 – Apr 13, 2021  
1:03:57  Show Notes

Website Optimization and Speed


Website optimization expert Andrew Welch discusses optimizing your website performance and speed.

Show Notes

Site speed is a ranking signal for google. Ensuring your website is fast and efficient can give you a boost in your SEO results.

We also discuss:

  • How optimizing your site can improve your bounce rate
  • Contributing factors to a slow website\
  • What you can do to improve your site without touching code
  • Limit the number of tracking scripts
  • lazy loading images / maps
  • Web hosting - shared vs VPS
  • Caching & Minifying
  • Image Optimization / Responsive Images

Google image srcset peas to find the article by Eric Portis that Andrew Mentions.

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