Angie Herrera

Guest Angie Herrera

Angie Herrera is a UI designer & front-end developer from Portland, OR with nearly 20 years experience in branding & web design.

Season 04 Episode 8 – Mar 30, 2021  
32:53  Show Notes

Alternatives to Google Analytics


Returning guest Angie Herrara discusses alternatives to google analytics for tracking website visitors. We discuss Fathom Analytics and Stat Counter.

Show Notes

Reasons to consider using an alternative to google analytics include concerns about privacy and a simpler, easier to understand interface.

  • Google is very complex and difficult to understand
  • Fathom Analytics is privacy oriented
  • Fathom and Stat Counter have a simpler easy to understand interface
  • Things that you want to understand and know how to track with whichever analytics you use
  • If it's free (google analytics) then you are the product

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