Season 06 Episode 01 – Dec 06, 2022  
39:36 Show Notes

Tools of the Trade

We talk about tools of the trade that we use in our day to day work life.

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Season 06 Episode 02 – Dec 20, 2022  
33:00 Show Notes

Website Contract Advice From an Actual Lawyer

We talk with David Canton about the ins and outs of contracts for creative professionals.

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Season 06 Episode 03 – Jan 03, 2023  
32:08 Show Notes

Choosing a CMS

We talk all about choosing a CMS - what to look for and pitfalls to avoid and how to evaluate a CMS.

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Season 06 Episode 04 – Jan 17, 2023  
32:35 Show Notes

Tips for Website Maintenance

We talk about website maintenance, tips for planning maintenance, and maintenance contracts.

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Season 06 Episode 05 – Jan 31, 2023  
33:41 Show Notes

Working with Conflicting Personalities

In this episode of the Website 101 Podcast, Amanda presents the topic, “working with conflicting personalities.” We’ll discuss sexism, failing upward, swoop-and-poop feedback, and tactics to avoid Chatty Kathys.

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Season 06 Episode 06 – Feb 14, 2023  
38:50 Show Notes

Building an Online Course with Jane Atkinson

Advice from, Jane Atkinson, a veteran online business owner and coach on how to succeed in running an online business.

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Season 06 Episode 07 – Feb 28, 2023  
18:01 Show Notes

PodCamp Toronto 2023 Recap

Sean and Mike attended PodCamp Toronto 2023, a conference for podcasters. This is our recap of the event and key takeaways for listeners.

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Season 06 Episode 08 – Mar 14, 2023  
25:11 Show Notes

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly about RFPs

In this episode Mike explains what an RFP or RFQ is and why they are often used as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly about RFPs.

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Season 06 Episode 09 – Mar 28, 2023  
29:59 Show Notes

Here's how to work from paradise

We talk with Sarah Lutz, self proclaimed metal queen of the universe, about working remotely overseas. Sarah has travelled all over South America while working and has plans to travel Europe next year.

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Season 06 Episode 10 – Apr 11, 2023  
1:14:45 Show Notes

Rebroadcast: Pimp Your Typography

Rebroadcast of a Season 4 Episode - Pimp Your Typography - Time to pimp your website typography with Oliver Schöndorfer. Learn the fundementals of typography and why it matters to your website and message.

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Season 06 Episode 11 – Apr 25, 2023  
40:10 Show Notes

Internet Privacy with Michael Geist

In this episode we discuss internet privacy with Michael Geist who holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law.

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Season 06 Episode 12 – May 09, 2023  
52:22 Show Notes

Lessons from a plugin developer with Ben Croker

A discussion on plugin development with Ben Croker who has developed plugins for Craft CMS and previously for ExpressionEngine. We discuss when to use a plugin, when a plugin should be commercial, how to price a plugin, and providing support to end users.

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