Season 07 Episode 02 – Feb 13, 2024  
42:51 Show Notes

How can I communicate better with clients?

In this episode we discuss various project management tools, and the pros and cons of each. Additionally how best to communicate with clients.

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Season 06 Episode 13 – Jun 08, 2023  
40:09 Show Notes

Stand Out on Social Media with Jessica Perreault

The ins and outs of mastering social media for small business owners with Jessica Perrault plus a predication about AI generated content for social.

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Season 06 Episode 12 – May 09, 2023  
52:22 Show Notes

Lessons from a plugin developer with Ben Croker

A discussion on plugin development with Ben Croker who has developed plugins for Craft CMS and previously for ExpressionEngine. We discuss when to use a plugin, when a plugin should be commercial, how to price a plugin, and providing support to end users.

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Season 06 Episode 04 – Jan 17, 2023  
32:35 Show Notes

Tips for Website Maintenance

We talk about website maintenance, tips for planning maintenance, and maintenance contracts.

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Season 06 Episode 03 – Jan 03, 2023  
32:08 Show Notes

Choosing a CMS

We talk all about choosing a CMS - what to look for and pitfalls to avoid and how to evaluate a CMS.

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Season 06 Episode 02 – Dec 20, 2022  
33:00 Show Notes

Website Contract Advice From an Actual Lawyer

We talk with David Canton about the ins and outs of contracts for creative professionals.

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Season 06 Episode 01 – Dec 06, 2022  
39:36 Show Notes

Tools of the Trade

We talk about tools of the trade that we use in our day to day work life.

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Season 05 Episode 13 – Jun 28, 2022  
34:01 Show Notes

Talking to a New Dev

We talk to new developer Shopnil Mahmud about learning web development at Seneca College and starting work in the field. Questions were submitted by current students at Seneca College.

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Season 05 Episode 11 – May 31, 2022  
35:16 Show Notes

AlpineJS with Caleb Porzio: Lightweight javascript in your markup.

Learn all about AlpineJS from it's Creator Caleb Porzio. We also discuss how accessibility is baked into the new Alpine Components.

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Season 05 Episode 10 – May 17, 2022  
Show Notes

Hiring Junior Devs and How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Learn about the process for hiring junior developers and get insight into common mistakes made as well as how to stand out from the crowd.

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Season 05 Episode 09 – May 03, 2022  
47:37 Show Notes

Vanilla Javascript - Fundamentals before Frameworks

Learn why Chris Ferdinandi believers there's a simpler, more resilient way to make things for the web with vanilla Javascript. We also take a detour into accessibility.

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Season 05 Episode 08 – Apr 19, 2022  
39:32 Show Notes

11 Things to avoid doing on your website

We discuss various things to avoid doing with your website and why they are not a good idea.

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Season 05 Episode 06 – Mar 22, 2022  
47:54 Show Notes

CSS is Awesome with Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell CSS evangelist discusses everything to do with CSS and why it is awesome.

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Season 05 Episode 04 – Feb 22, 2022  
1:02:10 Show Notes

Tailwind CSS with Adam Wathan

Adam Wathan, co-founder of Tailwind CSS, talks about what Tailwind CSS is, why he built it, and the future of Tailwind.

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Season 05 Episode 03 – Feb 08, 2022  
44:58 Show Notes

Wes Bos - Your Web Boss

We talk to Wes Bos all about web development, soft skills, and everything needed to succeed in web development.

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Season 04 Episode 12 – Jul 06, 2021  
1:14:56 Show Notes

Pimp Your Typography

Time to pimp your website typography with Oliver Schöndorfer. Learn the fundementals of typography and why it matters to your website and message.

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Season 04 Episode 11 – Jun 08, 2021  
46:04 Show Notes

From Novice to Bootcamp Instructor

Learn all about Owen Craig's journey from novice developer to bootcamp instructor. Why he transitioned from social media manager to development, why Owen chose a bootcamp and how he later became an instructor at that same bootcamp.

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Season 04 Episode 10 – May 25, 2021  
54:10 Show Notes


We talk to Laura Bailey of Revy Web Design all about Wordpress, her journey from IT technical support in the UK to running a Wordpress agency with employees in a small town in British Columbia Canada.

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Season 04 Episode 09 – Apr 13, 2021  
1:03:57 Show Notes

Website Optimization and Speed

Website optimization expert Andrew Welch discusses optimizing your website performance and speed.

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Season 04 Episode 08 – Mar 30, 2021  
32:53 Show Notes

Alternatives to Google Analytics

Returning guest Angie Herrara discusses alternatives to google analytics for tracking website visitors. We discuss Fathom Analytics and Stat Counter.

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Season 04 Episode 06 – Mar 02, 2021  
35:10 Show Notes

How to improve your website without doing a full redesign

In this episode Mike and Sean discuss various things you can do to improve your existing website without doing a complete redesign and rebuild.

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Season 04 Episode 05 – Feb 16, 2021  
39:21 Show Notes


We discuss accessibility, with Matsuko Friedland, in websites, why it's important both for users and website owners, as well as some tips on how to ensure your website is accessible.

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Season 03 Episode 10 – Jul 28, 2020  
23:23 Show Notes

Content Audits

Mike and Sean discuss what a content audit is and why you should perform one.

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Season 03 Episode 09 – Jul 14, 2020  
17:41 Show Notes

Maintenance Plans

Sean and Mike discuss the benefits of having a regular maintenance plan for your website, and having a Web developer on a retainer contract.

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Season 03 Episode 07 – Jun 16, 2020  
33:36 Show Notes


Do you have a backup strategy for your website? If you value your website content, you need to have regular backups. In this episode, Sean and Mike discuss what a backup strategy is, why you need one, and what options are available to make it happen.

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Season 03 Episode 06 – Jun 02, 2020  
23:58 Show Notes

There's a plugin for that

Mike and Sean discuss the pros and cons of extending a content management system with plugins.

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Season 03 Episode 05 – May 19, 2020  
33:44 Show Notes


In this episode Sean and Mike discuss what to do when your web developer goes on vacation.

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Season 02 Episode 10 – Oct 22, 2019  
59:47 Show Notes

Ecommerce with Shopify

In this episode we talk with Mark Poppen, owner of Funky Moose Records, about running a ecommerce website with physical product using shopify.

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Season 02 Episode 02 – Jul 02, 2019  
51:13 Show Notes

Web Hosting 101

Nevin Lyne and Sean discuss the ins and outs of webhosting, including shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, and recommendations of offsite backups.

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Season 01 Episode 10 – Apr 09, 2019  
50:24 Show Notes

DIY Vs Bespoke

In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of do it yourself (DIY) vs a custom bespoke design. We also talk about when DIY is the correct approach and when it may be time to switch from DIY to a bespoke website.

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Season 01 Episode 09 – Mar 26, 2019  
44:42 Show Notes

Accessibility - Why It's Important

In this episode I talk with Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantara about website accessibility. What it is, why it's important, and how it is more than just websites for blind people.

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Season 01 Episode 05 – Jan 29, 2019  
1:0:41 Show Notes

SEO 101

A discussion with Luke Stevens talking about the basics of SEO including advice on how to improve your SEO as well as what to avoid and how to choose an SEO specialist.

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Season 01 Episode 04 – Jan 14, 2019  
44:12 Show Notes

Websites Benefit from Continual Development

In this episode Andrew and I talk about why websites need to be continually developed and maintained contrary to expectations of one and done.

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Season 01 Episode 03 – Jan 11, 2019  
42:23 Show Notes

Web Design Shortcuts You Should Never Take

In this episode myself and Mike Mella discuss several webdesign shortcuts you should never take and the reasons why many businesses continue to make these mistakes.

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