Kevin Powell

Guest Kevin Powell

Helping people fall in love with CSS

Season 05 Episode 6 – Mar 22, 2022  
47:54  Show Notes

CSS is Awesome with Kevin Powell


Kevin Powell CSS evangelist discusses everything to do with CSS and why it is awesome.

Show Notes

  • Kevin's history with web development and teaching
  • Teaching in classroom vs online teaching
  • How do you decide what you are going to teach?
  • Where do you go to learn about new things in CSS that you want to teach?
  • Upcoming CSS including Cascade Layers, CSS nesting, Container queries, and Query units
  • Kevin's thoughts on frameworks (Foundation, Bootstrap, Tailwind) and Sass vs regular Css.
  • min-content max-content fit-content
  • Browser support and progressive enhancement
  • Accessibility
  • CSS naming conventions - BEM

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