Bill Campbell, PhD

Guest Bill Campbell, PhD

Professor of Exercise Science and Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida.

Season 05 Episode 5 – Mar 08, 2022  
53:54  Show Notes

Starting my own Website with Bill Campbell


We talk with Bill Campbell, one of our subscribers, about the process of planning his website and then working with a web developer and hosting.

Show Notes

  • Introduce our new co-host Amanda Lutz
  • Bill's background
  • 3 products that Bill will sell on his website
  • Planning pages and page content
  • Newsletter call to action
  • Domain should be separate from hosting company
  • Ecommerce & Security
  • Selling courses and coaching
  • Hiring a developer
  • DIY - pros/cons
  • User testing
  • Backups

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