Wes Bos

Guest Wes Bos

I'm a full Stack JavaScript developer from Canada 🇨🇦. I create free + premium courses and do a twice-weekly podcast called Syntax.


Season 05 Episode 3 – Feb 08, 2022  
44:58  Show Notes

Wes Bos - Your Web Boss


We talk to Wes Bos all about web development, soft skills, and everything needed to succeed in web development.

Show Notes

  • Wes's history and background in web development
  • How does Wes learn enough on a new technology to start teaching it?
  • How to decide what to learn with new technology or languages
  • Important advice for a new developer
  • Most important technical skill
  • Learn the fundamentals
  • No code design
  • Weakest development skill
  • Online courses vs Bootcamps
  • Emerging technology

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