Season 05 Episode 7 – Apr 05, 2022  
40:13  Show Notes

Meet Your Host - Amanda


Sean and Mike interview our new co-host Amanda Lutz. Amanda's goal is to out nerd Sean and Mike in this episode.

Show Notes

  • Amanda made her first website in 1994 - a university provided website
  • Amanda's major is Computing and Information Sciences
  • Amanda has learned these languages: Basic, Pascal, C++, Java, C#
  • Amanda is a Windows/Android user
  • Made a time tracking website as a personal project in the early 2000s
  • Worked on a ticketing website back in 2005 (Audience View)
  • 10 years since Amanda, Sean, and Mike met up for the first time at an ExpressionEngine meetup.
  • Teaches web development at Seneca College.

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