Mitchell Kimbrough

Guest Mitchell Kimbrough

Founder of Solspace, specializing in industrial manufacturing websites. Father of 2 horse obsessed daughters. Husband to a spectacular wife.

Season 07 Episode 3 – Feb 27, 2024  
40:27  Show Notes

What to do when work is slow - with Mitchell Kimbrough


In this episode we talk with Mitchell Kimbrough, founder of Solspace, about strategies to help with when work is slow.

Show Notes

  • How Mitchell helped Sean start his freelancer journey
  • Mitchell's encouragement to people to start freelancing
  • You'll never be ready to start a business. Better to start it then later in life wonder What if?
  • Customer service
  • Soft skills
  • Most important thing to do when you realize you don't have enough work
  • Self care
  • Hire expert help for sales and marketing - delegate work
  • Abundance mindset vs scarcity mindset
  • Focus on current tech stack vs pick up something new
  • Vertical markets / ideal clients
  • Hedghog Concept - Jim Collins
  • How to find and vet help for marketing
  • Social media

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