Ben Croker

Guest Ben Croker

Craft CMS plugin developer, trainer and consultant, lover of adventures and the great outdoors.

Season 06 Episode 12 – May 09, 2023  
52:22  Show Notes

Lessons from a plugin developer with Ben Croker


A discussion on plugin development with Ben Croker who has developed plugins for Craft CMS and previously for ExpressionEngine. We discuss when to use a plugin, when a plugin should be commercial, how to price a plugin, and providing support to end users.

Show Notes

  • Ben's origin story
  • What is a plugin?
  • CMS acquisition of plugins in order to add to core functionality
  • When to use a plugin or build it myself?
  • How do you come up with an idea for a plugin?
  • Commercial vs Free plugins
  • Supporting plugins
  • No code vs bring your own code and technical knowledge
  • Support tickets/issues
    • GitHub issues
    • Email (good for sensitive information)
    • Ticketing systems
  • Feature requests and pull requests
  • How to decide the cost of commercial plugins
  • Breaking changes in the CMS
  • Plugins that work with other plugins
  • Website security and plugin evaluation
  • Advice for developers new to plugin development
  • USE an IDE

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