Laura Bailey

Guest Laura Bailey

Laura founded Revy Web Design to design and build bespoke WordPress websites for small to medium businesses in Revelstoke, BC.

Season 04 Episode 10 – May 25, 2021  
54:10  Show Notes



We talk to Laura Bailey of Revy Web Design all about Wordpress, her journey from IT technical support in the UK to running a Wordpress agency with employees in a small town in British Columbia Canada.

Show Notes

  • Laura, talks about her role as a business owner, website designer, and building bespoke websites for her clients.
  • The difference between a pre-built theme and a theme builder such as Elementor.
  • Lauras default plugin stack for WordPress sites.
  • Rank Math SEO vs Yoast
  • Optimizing WordPress sites for performance
  • Updating WordPress and Plugins
  • Website Maintenance
  • WordPress Hosting

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