Tim Scollick

Former freelancer, now start up founder of AdChat


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Nevin Lyne

Co-Founder and Director of Technology at Arcustech, which specializes in high performance, fully managed virtual private servers to provide power and security for your next php/MySQL based web site or application.


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Wes Bos

I'm a full Stack JavaScript developer from Canada 🇨🇦. I create free + premium courses and do a twice-weekly podcast called Syntax.


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Terence Sawtell

Founder of Goat / Design & Development Agency based in Vancouver

Guest Episodes

Jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson has been helping speakers catapult their careers for more than 30 years. She is the author of The Wealthy Speaker 3.0, The Epic Keynote, The Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal, and Scaling Your Speaking Business.

Guest Episodes

    Reuben & Sherri Johnson

    Co-Founders of Fly Media Productions, a boutique digital agency specializing in unapologetic digital storytelling for badass brands.


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    Laura Bailey

    Laura founded Revy Web Design to design and build bespoke WordPress websites for small to medium businesses in Revelstoke, BC.


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    Caleb Porzio

    I've been building Laravel apps for the last five years and Vue apps for the past three. During that time, I've contributed to the Laravel framework, written a number of community blog posts, and spoken at Laracon.


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    Peter Kelly

    Peter Kelly is a video storyteller that believes people buy into companies before they buy from companies. He makes videos for businesses that connect with viewers & convert them into clients.


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    Penny Olorenshaw

    Penny helps businesses develop their online presence, crafting web and marketing strategies to reach clients' most profitable customers.


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    Angie Herrera

    Angie Herrera is a UI designer & front-end developer from Portland, OR with nearly 20 years experience in branding & web design.


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    Marlene Oliveira

    Marlene is a communications advisor and copywriter focusing on branding, storytelling and website content for nonprofit organizations.


    Guest Episodes

    Kevin Powell

    Helping people fall in love with CSS


    Guest Episodes

    Luke Stevens

    Web designer/developer/analyst who loves building sites and measuring how they perform.


    Guest Episodes

    Matsuko Friedland

    Matsuko is the Lead Accessibility Engineer at Craft CMS, a flexible, user-friendly content management system (CMS) for creating custom digital experiences on the web and beyond.


    Guest Episodes

    Andrew Welch

    After a stint running a software company for a couple of decades, Andrew is now immersing himself in doing consulting to help businesses use technology effectively.


    Guest Episodes

    Isaac Rudansky

    Isaac Rudansky is widely considered to be an industry-leading expert on pay per click advertising, online traffic acquisition and conversion rate optimization.


    Guest Episodes

    Mark Poppen

    Web designer, business owner, dad and husband (the order depends on the day)


    Guest Episodes

    Guarav S. Iyer

    Gaurav S. Iyer is a Senior Consultant at The Capital Communications Company, a boutique agency which develops and implements strategic and creative solutions for some of North America's leading corporations. 


    Guest Episodes

    David Canton

    Business lawyer and trademark agent with a practice focusing on tech issues.


    Guest Episodes

    Andrew Armitage

    Andrew started his agency, A Digital back in 2008 from a spare room and employs a team of 5 people.


    Guest Episodes

    Owen Craig

    Owen graduated from Juno College of Technology in 2016 and worked as a Front-End developer at ICF Next for four years before returning to Juno to work as an instructor. In addition to teaching coding, Owen is also a big believer in working on soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and empathy.

    Guest Episodes

    Lyndon Johnson

    Lyndon founded Toronto-based COMMS.BAR (https://comms.bar/), a company that provides early-stage companies with affordable, transparent, and measurable pr & marketing advice.


    Guest Episodes

    Oliver Schöndorfer

    UI designer empowering developers & designers to improve their websites, and products with pimped typography.


    Guest Episodes

    Chris Ferdinandi

    Chris Ferdinandi helps people learn vanilla JavaScript, and believes there’s a simpler, more resilient way to make things for the web.


    Guest Episodes

    Adam Wathan

    CEO at Tailwind Labs and creator of Tailwind CSS, author of Refactoring UI, Refactoring to Collections, and Test-Driven Laravel, and host of the Full Stack Radio podcast.


    Guest Episodes

    Dan Wood

    Dan Wood is the founder of Break Digital Inc, a search engine marketing consultancy specializing in solutions for IT companies.


    Guest Episodes

    Shopnil Mahmud

    I’m a Front-end Developer & UX & UI Designer. I dream of building a universe inspired by art, music, nature, shapes and patterns to solve daily design problems.


    Guest Episodes

    Gregory Hammond

    Gregory helps businesses with their website, he primarily works with WordPress. Gregory is always open to new opportunities


    Guest Episodes

    Bill Campbell, PhD

    Professor of Exercise Science and Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida.

    Guest Episodes

    Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantara

    Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantara are partners at Bright Umbrella, where they design and build websites that help growing companies and social organizations solve their business problems. They are also partners in podcasting, producing and hosting the acclaimed, long-running podcast CTRL+CLICK CAST.


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